Meet Peter Palivos Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney is a man who understands the importance of honor, integrity, family, and common sense. He has spent his life trying to make the world a better place, both for his loved ones and for the rest of humanity. Not only has he conquered the world of commercial and residential real estate, but he also has a well-earned reputation as a generous philanthropist and a brilliant attorney.

Peter was raised in a loving home in Uptown Chicago by his Greek immigrant parents. He developed a deep affinity for Greek-American relations and has sought to maintain connections between the two countries even in times of global strife. When several European countries were being pressured to leave the European Union, Peter Palivos Attorney worked alongside the U.S. state department to stay, where they remain to this day. He was also a driving force behind getting the United States Congress to approve increased military assistance for the Greek people.

Peter Palivos began his career in Hartford, CT attending Trinity College. He graduated with a bachelor’s in History and then decided to continue his educational career at the Chicago-Kent College of Law due to a fascination with justice and integrity. He was immediately hired after

Graduation where he worked for the law firm Rittenberg, Krichiver, and Buffen Ltd. It only took three years for Peter Palivos Attorney to be ready to form his own law firm, called Peter A. Palivos & Associates. Two decades later, Peter was ready to expand his interests into real estate.

On both a national and international level, Peter focused his attention on both commercial and retail developmental projects. In addition to new builds, Peter has also been instrumental in restoration, both within the United States and throughout Europe. Two projects in Chicago, the Oliver and Delaware buildings, have received awards for their design.

In addition to conquering any industry that catches his eye, Peter Palivos is a giving philanthropist, focusing on nonprofits such as the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Chicago Council, the Hellenic Professional Society of Illinois, the United Hellenic American Congress, and the Pan-Arcadian Federation of America.

As a current resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, Peter’s proudest accomplishment in life is his family. In his spare time, Peter Palivos Attorney is an avid sportsman and will gladly watch any sport, any time.

Peter Palivos is a successful attorney, philanthropist, business owner and community volunteer based in Las Vegas with roots in Uptown Chicago.